They can not do both in the exact same time.
They can not do both in the exact same time. Jun 18

They can not do both in the exact same time.

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I believe it is intriguing that people use this same debate like it's any merit when a match making millions of dollars a year can't simply do something or both? Just like Jagex has not done this earlier? Like is it impossible or something? I'm perplexed. It doesn't have to be one or another. They're able to do both. They can not do both in the exact same time. Time spent 'HD' assets is time NOT spent on game upgrades. They have done it before but it turned out to be a huge undertaking with a bigger team that was quite divisive and not valued by as many gamers as they had hoped. I see no reason why they would be interested in doing this.

Nothing crazy is needed to get OSRS something more pleasing to look at, which I believe 2008 graphics did perfectly. The best part is that you had the choice. I think that the most important counter argument is that it means dev work, since I imagine all resources or some would have to be made for both types. Unless it could be done procedurally without any development time included, I think that it might not pass a vote if it had been done in an official capacity. Nevertheless, I'd love to be considering 2008 or comparable HD images instead of what we've (enhanced by Runelite GPU ofc) now even though it meant delayed content releases. But I know not everyone will share that comment.

It had been done by them previously, there are individuals who are utilizing it rn, there are solo developers who have done such and plugins. It shouldn't be tough to implement. A option may deal with the complaining mob not needing a change of the old method of looking. To better attract new players, I think having enhanced graphics would be very valuable. Consider the long term marketing plan, don't be restricted to the same old thinking of no manpower bunch of upgrades. Man I remember running home from school because I was excited by the RuneScape HD update. I would mainscape OSRS if it had rshd too.
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