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This type of build is ideal for gamers who prefer to shield and still score as well. The perimeter lockdown build suits either point shooting or guards guards. It is best if you go with a 6-foot-5 elevation, approximately 180 pounds, and maximum wingspan since you would like to defend well.

Your participant will have good athleticism, adequate shooting and speed with the ball, and tons of defensive abilities. Let's start with all the defending/rebounding stats. You are going to need to be great at perimeter defense (87), lateral quickness (87), steal (94), and defensive rally (76).

The fewer things you spend on playmaking, the more you'll have to put in to shooting and finishing. But we'd advise you to boost your player's ball managing to about 75 overall. Pick the takeover badge that you desire the most and you will have a player who reminds one of this playstyle of Russell Westbrook or even John Wall.

Although most players proceed with the playmaking shot creator build for guards, there are some people who would rather counter that with all the two-way finisher build. For this one, you are going to have to be tall and quick, so go together with 6-foot-8 and around 185 pounds. Put the wingspan to 90 inches and you're going to have a participant who can frustrate your adversary on shield and brute-force his way on the assault. Now the defense/rebounding segment is all sorted, we can begin spending points on completing.

Ideally, your player will probably be good at close shots (87), driving dunk (93), and status dunk (94). The advantages of this build are that it'll make your player a monster at both rebounding and defending, in addition to in some of the finishing facets. But he will be a poor playmaker and shot. The two-way finisher is possibly a construct that's better to try after you have already played with a playmaking shot creator because this way you'll know how to counter them. Your personality will probably be like Penny Hardaway and Ben Simmons.

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