They have returned badges from the previous 2k's
They have returned badges from the previous 2k's Jul 19

They have returned badges from the previous 2k's

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On the build title screen, you are able to choose whether to save or delete the build. If you save, the build will be placed into your builder slot in myplayer You can then choose whether to start mycareer, check the build, or quit. If you choose to remove the build, you will exit automatically and the build will disappear.

You will select the overall that you'd like to test the build. The badges are similar to those of the previous 2k's you can pick the badges you wish to test the build. They have returned badges from the previous 2k's; such as endless range, midrange, and deep range deadeyes, hustle rebounder, relentless finisher, and numerous others. A variety of new badges were introduced, including step-back maestro and fearless shooter. Some badges were removed but are being created.

2k has introduced a brand new feature: the badge that is combined. This feature lets two badges to be used in tandem and let you perform a good move. For example, step-back maestro or difficult shots. You can fracture an ankle of a player by doing a step back and then shooting an off-balanced or fade or other extreme shot.

You will not get to pick the combination badges as they are all working in a random manner when you perform them. After your badges are put in place, it's time to test them. After choosing your team, you will be assigned to an arena. When you've chosen your team you can shoot, practice drills and even play the full game.

This lets you test the build freely and see if you are ready for a real game. This is a great feature that they added. You can access mycareer once you've passed the build test, or created the build. You will be asked if you'd prefer to skip the prelude when you begin your career.

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