How to Get There
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How to Get There

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You can buy Dragon Bitter by going to the Yanille Bar as well as the Grand Exchange. (Your Player Owned House will work too) Then, bring the drink back to Blain. That is much better. Now, why do you even bother? I'm here to recruit you into my battle against Corrupted Guardian. I see. I am a warrior but I will not fight until I have my fighting gear. Blain has sent me a Port Phasmatys bank box. An Abyssal Whip and my Dragon Platebody are yours.

Contact a banker in Port Phasmatys. Do you want to see your bank account? Blain has sent me. Okay, here have a look. Withdraw the Medium Helm in the head spot, the abyssal whip in the weapon spot and the platebody from the chest spot. Then, return to Blain using the crate of Blain.

Can you take my container? Everything you require. This is great. If you ever require me, I'll be there. I'm off, good. The Undead Berseker (Finished after my slayer mission and stuff).

Dawn of the Awakening is an adventure that will end with you fighting a Dragonkin. Like every dragonkin battle that I will suggest, the dragonkin will teleport on you. Here's an concept of what you could gain after completing the quest. I did include it in the concept of the main quest, but I felt a more detailed explanation could be useful.

How to Get There. To begin, in order to get there, you will discover an Fairy Ring in Brimstail's cavern. This is the way to the lair. It leads to a rock that is covered in lavas.

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