To clarify we spoke to 2K representatives
To clarify we spoke to 2K representatives Jul 28

To clarify we spoke to 2K representatives

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This move is believed to be taken to stimulate gamers to purchase more games.It is unknown how much the console version is going to sell for. The game will cost 429 TL on Steam. This makes it feasible to predict that the game would be released for 500 TL for consoles.

Unskippable loading-screen ads that appear in NBA 2K are causing a uproar.Stevivor reported this weekend that Oculus advertising was played before the "episode" of NBA 2KTV. This is the moment when a game begins loading in any of NBA 2K21's modes.

The option to change lineups during the loading process will not be displayed until after the advertisement concludes, meaning that users have no choice but to view it until the end.

Monday morning Polygon made use of the Xbox One game to search for the ads that cannot be skipped. They weren't found within games loaded in MyCareer, MyTeam, or any of the other Play Now matchups. It's possible this only affects specific versions or regions, or that 2K Sports already nixed the advertisements during the weekend ruckus. To clarify we spoke to 2K representatives.

Stevivor confirmed that the ads are also playing on NBA 2K21's PC as well as PlayStation 4 versions. The year prior to Halloween, NBA 2K20 started featuring non-skippable advertisements. The ads were first introduced in NBA 2K19 in the summer after its launch. Both games caused backlashes, which quickly ended.

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