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Hunter: A lot of Middle Age men and women were hunters. Birds, Rabbits, Deer were the most common catch. It is likely that other species will be added to the game. Fishing: There was plenty of food available from the seas, rivers and lakes.

Many claimed to have more skill in catching certain fish. As you can observe, this is very similar to RuneScape. Baking and Cooking: In RuneScape it is a very well-known skill, however in the Medieval Era it was considered as an art. A small number of players are able to make bread, pie and cook meat.

Mining and Smithing were both utilized during the Middle Age to make armour and weapons. However, coal was not discovered until 1850. Building: Construction and building were very popular during the Medieval Era. This is only one of many skills that are found in the Middle Age game. Know I will look at a few Quests that were set within the Medieval Era.

Mountain Daughter Mountain Daughter: A camp that is similar to the Middle Age is located in the area in which the quest starts. The Chief's Hut is the the largest and a Statue has been erected nearby to honour the Gods. More quests needed.

Are you ready? I'll now outline a few of my thoughts. Sailing: Many people loved to make and sail boats during the Middle Ages. Making them was considered a skill. Entertainment: Wrestling is one form of Medieval entertainment. RuneScape provides all necessary equipment (Jester Suit for Juggling, and Wrestling Rings fromWrestling). We thank you for your time.

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