Scream something in the form of "Open 1k"
Scream something in the form of "Open 1k" Aug 13

Scream something in the form of "Open 1k"

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Don't be offended when someone calls you an idiot or irritating, but it is not a crime. You will not have to deal again with the person who is bothering you as the majority of their complaints will not lead to black marks.

If you have any questions regarding our amazing visit, feel free to contact us. We may not have the answer. While we won't divulge anything that would violate the Non Disclosure Agreement and make it difficult for anyone to ask us questions, we're willing to address any concerns. We'll try to arrange a get together on Vent in the near future if you are interested.

I've had the chance to chat with some of the other players. Gertjaars Lucipher6 as well as Gertjaars have given me permission to include their names in this discussion. They are wonderful people and I am happy we got a chance to get to know each other!

Air Running in Current (details included as some people may not be familiar with Air Running): The World 16. Fast XP runecrafters will have something like: An air tiara that has X note rune essence, and X gp. Scream something in the form of "Open 1k". (*See NOTE below)

Runners (Earn running gp) are able to wear an air Tiara that contains 25 Un-noted essence. Trade: Runecrafters can trade 1000 gp, 25 essences, and runners are able to trade 25 essences. Everyone benefits: fast XP for Runecrafters, gp for Runners. For simplicity I've used 1k (1000 gp) throughout this post Some Runecrafters prefer to make use of the more powerful gp "Open 2k" (2000 gp) as this attracts Air Runners more quickly to them.

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