This beta isn't likely to alter your experience
This beta isn't likely to alter your experience Aug 18

This beta isn't likely to alter your experience

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In Madden 21, Mahomes ended Super Bowl week with 97 Awareness, 97 Throw power, 96 Throw Under Pressure, and an accuracy rating of 97/93/94. Add that to the 90 Break Sack and Play Action 96, along with 98 Throw on the run. Madden 22 will not significantly alter the game, according to my opinion.

EA Sport's popular NFL video game Madden 22 is set to launch next month and the most ardent fans of the Miami Dolphins will finally get that homefield advantage the team has benefited from since Stephen Ross transformed Hard Rock Stadium into the stadium we see in the present.

EA's latest update has changed the rules so that teams that play at Hard Rock Stadium will be more exhausted than those at the Miami Dolphins (HOME TASK). This means that players seeking to begin a connected franchise with the beloved Miami Dolphins will finally get the home field advantage you've been waiting for! This makes it even more feasible, especially considering that the away team is burning under the scorching South Florida sun.

Some of the other factors that are M-related don't carry as much impact as Miami's. But they could sway things much more to favor the home team. For instance, teams playing against the Cleveland Browns will struggle when hot-routing in the red zone. In addition, other teams could see an increase in stamina.

But, this beta isn't likely to alter your experience. I've tried it. This feature is intended to be used to prepare you for the inevitable return to NCAA Football.

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