Spiderman costume
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Spiderman costume

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Nowadays,the cosplay is often aimed for animation,cartoons,games,electronic games,story,movies,Tv play,special photo,idols,professions,historical story,social story or others character.Making clothes is the most important step in Cosplay. For the roles that need props to play together, the displayed props also need to be made and improved on the basis of design drawings. The ready-made props similar to firearms can be found in toy stores.

When you can't find the same ****style as the characters, you can customize them, or do DIY with modeling tools according to the drawings, match the makeup of the characters, and match the wigs. Finally, get everything ready, put on makeup, wear wigs, dress up, pick up props, try to imitate the characters' expressions and movements in front of the mirror, and add your own lines.

When the hero in your dream appears in front of you, it must feel great that you are the protagonist! At this time, you can participate in Cosplay activities and communicate with everyone.

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