This permits other players to download the rosters
This permits other players to download the rosters Sep 13

This permits other players to download the rosters

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It would be awesome to see all G-League teams being included in the PlayNow mode. G-League teams can add another layer of play to the game. Also being added, the G-League rosters included integrated into the game would make it easier for players to create custom rosters.

The latest version of NBA 2K has a feature that lets users create rosters and upload them onto the cloud. This permits other players to download the rosters. A lot of creators enjoy creating G-League rosters that are accurate with statistics for their players.

This can be a tedious task, especially if thousands of players are needed to build the roster. They already have players in the game can save time for the creators and allow roster builders to take longer getting the details right.

EuroLeague Teams: EuroLeague teams were in the game previously. However they are no longer in the game. EuroLeague rosters were removed from NBA 2K18. It wasn't logical. The European game style allowed for a lot of fun playing in teams.

EuroLeague rules are different from NBA's rules for the game. It is more difficult to defend the perimeter due to the fact that the 3-point line is longer. In a EuroLeague match, it is amazing to finally reach the edge. I had a blast playing NBA 2K16 as CSKA Moscow or Real Madrid. It was enjoyable building a roster and determine who would be the best at winning buckets.

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