How much is a Fennec worth Rocket League?
How much is a Fennec worth Rocket League? May 16

How much is a Fennec worth Rocket League?

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That prompts one of a couple of conceivable outcomes. Epic and Psyonix may really not have pounded out the bit of the arrangement that would direct eliteness, and that could descend sometime in the not too distant future. On the other hand, Epic could be holding up until the backfire subsides to make the declaration, like how Gearbox Software uncovered the main Borderlands 3 trailer in late March and held up about seven days to affirm EGS selectiveness.

A progressively sensible perusing of the circumstance is that Epic is holding back to check whether EGS can hit include equality with Steam in regards to some basic highlights Rocket League relies upon, similar to mods, exchanging, and leaderboards. On the off chance that it doesn't get EGS to where it should be by late 2019, Epic could keep the game available to be purchased on Steam until it does. The most liberal examination of this declaration is that Epic has from the start intended to sell the game on both EGS and Steam, yet nothing about the wording of its public statement or the conspicuous muddling sometime later makes that sound conceivable.
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