She puts her body in danger to aid the team
She puts her body in danger to aid the team Dec 15

She puts her body in danger to aid the team

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Her passing is perhaps her best contribution, however it is a shame that what Blue River boasts in shooting it's lacking in the area of guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game last season is now 4.3 per game to date this season, and the defense she receives from her helps Madden and the other shooters on the team thrive.

"We've definitely become a lot closer that when she first showed up. She was shy initially but now I and her joke around. We've become friends at the basketball court." Madden said. "My sophomore year, we didn't have a (knockdown) shooter, so the method they used to stop us was to cover me in the post. We lost that game in semi-state. Having Maci around helps tremendously."

"It gives us an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her ability to pass is amazing ... she sees the floor with such clarity and is very unselfish."

She puts her body in danger to aid the team. She's scrappy, takes charges and chases loose balls she competes for rebound opportunities and plays hard defense, all of which often leaves her with the "daily" amount of bumps and bruises, according to Bales.

Madden acknowledged that she's a useful asset to have by Blue River's team, but she admitted it's hard to work against Loveless. However, she does make the team more stout and that, in conjunction with her extensive experience could aid the Vikings keep their postseason success.

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