Do you want to show off?
Do you want to show off? Feb 22

Do you want to show off?

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At least one baseline package is an absolute must, the default animation is blocked virtually every time. The reverses of one are the preferred among all of these because they get players off of defense as fast as possible. The dunk to one side the basket blocks any defenders in the right position to play.

A quick drop dunk will take the ball up very high, and then quickly knock it down as it reaches the edge over the top of the line. If you're looking to get high enough verticality against tall defenders.

It is the technique which keeps the ball the furthest away from the opponent's grasp. There are a few drawbacks, but the most common is slower speed, but with one foot the penalty is not significant.

In certain circles, hanging off of the rim is thought of as an unprofessional act. But anybody who plays NBA 2K22 for a few days is likely to have witnessed at the very least one or two dunks go horribly wrong.

The most effective way to add security to the jam is to hold your hands on the ball , and then see it all the way to the rim using a hanger. Do you want to show off? Maybe. But in the interest of security, why wouldn't you?

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