Classification Details Of Living Room Curtain Fabric
Classification Details Of Living Room Curtain Fabric Sep 23

Classification Details Of Living Room Curtain Fabric

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Living Room Curtain Fabric is a fabric that automatically extinguishes when it encounters an open flame. Durable flame retardant finishing process: the washing times can reach more than 50 times, and it can be soaped. It is suitable for frequently washed textiles, such as work protective clothing, fire fighting clothing, tents, bags, household, and other products. Below, let's take a look at the flame retardant fabrics can be divided into two types:

1. Post-finishing flame-retardant fabrics: that is, post-processing flame-retardant fabrics, which are produced by the coating or immersion treatment of auxiliaries during dyeing and finishing, and the flame-retardant effect will gradually weaken after washing.

2. Essential flame retardant fabric (permanent flame retardant fabric) means that the original fabric is made of permanent flame retardant fabric, and our flame retardant curtain fabric is made of flame retardant raw materials combined with modern special curtain production technology, However, due to the cost and technical reasons, disposable flame retardant curtains were more popular earlier, and with the improvement of people's lives and the development of technology, the advent of permanent flame retardant curtains has become more and more popular.

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