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Eyonaa app updated in playstore

Update now to latest version 1.9.7

Updates include:
✪ Added ability to post 3 and more images.
✪ Added ability to swipe left and right on albums.
✪ Added ability to click on mention links.
✪ Added ability to edit post.
✪ Added Colour box post type.
✪ Added ability play video full screen.
✪ Added ability to see video views.
✪ Added ability to drag and play the sound post from drag position.
✪ Fixed design issues and toolbars.
✪ Fixed 15+ Reported bugs.

Eyonaa Updated to 2.3.1

[Added] the ability to comment on albums, and multi images.
[Added] filter comments, top and latest.
[Added] the ability to make forums, marketplace and events public and reachable by google.
[Added] the ability for users to make comment on post before sharing it.
[Added] embeded product style to messages.
[Added] colored posts, with the ability to manage, add, remove and edit them.

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New Professional theme coming soon in Eyonaa.

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