Where to find the WPS Pin Printer?

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Vin Diesel

1 month ago

Posted: 1 month ago
Well, the- WPS pin Printer can be easily found from the printer’s control panel using some simple and easy to follow steps. WPS is an abbreviation for Wireless (WiFi) Protected Setup, and it is used to connect your printer to the wireless network using a WPS pin. If your printer does not have a touch panel or screen, then you can see this pin code at the back of your wireless router. If you have a printer with a control panel screen, then go to “Settings” after pressing the “Wireless” button. Then click “WiFi Protected Setup,” and then after following the on-screen prompts, click “Pin” after that, in a few seconds your WPS pin Printer will be displayed on the screen.
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Hi there buddy, I finally set up my WPS Pin on my printer. But now I'm having an issue on my printer drivers, I tried updating the driver to its latest version. I also update my Windows 10 Operating System to latest version, but still no luck on fixing my issue on the printer. I can print and photocopy documents, but the Scan software or feature doesn't work for me? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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