Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share How To Arrange Hydropower

The place of the sink is quite special. Handmade Sink manufacturers suggest that you should be cautious when changing the water and electricity. The main reason is that once the change is not good, you will encounter it when installing the sink and water purifier, small kitchen treasure, and food waste. Many problems are difficult to deal with.

1. Water purifier installation

Let ’s talk about the socket first. It is recommended to leave two 5-hole sockets under the sink. After all, one water purifier is needed. Others are reserved for kitchen waste, dishwashers, small kitchen treasures, etc., because many are 3-pin plugs. avoid confict. Besides water supply, water supply is actually very important. If you do n’t have a dishwasher and a small kitchen treasure, you only need to reserve one cold and one hot, and two ppr elbows. If there is only one water purifier, you do n’t need it. Reserve more. But if there is a small kitchen treasure, or a dishwasher, it is recommended that you leave an extra cold water ppr elbow.

2. Multifunctional launch

Let's talk about launching, launching is actually very important. Launching is generally reserved for a 50-pipe, it must be vertically upwards, multi-function drain, everyone buy it, don't worry about installing it, wait for all the products under the cabinet to be installed, move each other When you get to the right place, install this multi-function water dispenser, so that our sink position is perfect.

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