Unique online Time Tracking

Livetecs offers unique online Time Tracking software. We recognize that every organization operates in a somewhat different way. Our timesheets are simply customizable to fit your company's needs. To begin, quickly switch language and decide whether to show or hide weekends. Our timesheet application is customized to you and your company thanks to these and other adjustable settings. This significantly decreases the time it takes to master a new timekeeping strategy and saves you time straight immediately! Adding comments to each time entry is a simple way to keep track of your work. This feature is especially beneficial for enterprises that place a premium on responsibility, such as consulting firms. With the support of innovative technology and a variety of feature-rich software, we're committed to improving our client's business. If you're serious about increasing employee productivity, billing more hours, and making your employees smarter and more efficient, we're here to help. Timelive is a one-of-a-kind time-tracking solution providing software that can be used by a variety of businesses to track working hours. Tracking working hours, planning your budget and workforce, and managing employee time are all made easier with Timelive.

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