Simple Timesheet Tracker

Get a simple to use Timesheet Tracker from Livetecs. TimeLive not only keeps track of employee working hours but also informs them about their availability inside the company. It's all about meeting project deadlines and staying within the allocated budget. It entails providing your staff with the powerful tools they require to execute their tasks within a set time frame. And we'll always make it easier for you to work more efficiently than ever before by enhancing your productivity. We've seen how difficult it can be for some organizations to keep track of their employees' working hours. That is why it is critical to choose timesheet tracker software that is simple to use, assists management teams in running their businesses, and can be combined with other software and systems. You can choose from a variety of time entry choices to find the one that best suits your needs. You have the option of entering your time either day by day or week by week. Day View is ideal for users who conduct a variety of tasks regularly and want to keep thorough notes on each one. Week View allows users who shift between couples of different jobs each week to rapidly enter their time. It gives you the ability to better manage budgets and assign workers to projects.

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