Cutting-edge real ear measurement

Get real ear measurements with the help of cutting-edge technology from Active Hearing Health. The amount of sound that reaches the eardrum is affected by the position and size of the hearing aid, as well as the total size of the hearing aid and its vent and the architecture of each patient's ear canal. The measurement method enables us to treat all of those issues and ensure that the hearing aids are precisely configured for each person's hearing loss and ear canal. The majority of hearing treatments and hearing aid fittings used to consist of a series of beeps and noises. Our audiologists use the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies and procedures to make the hearing evaluation and hearing aid programming process as simple as possible. Real Ear Measurement (REM) is an intriguing new approach to fitting hearing aids that uses speech as a stimulus to help the specialist adapt the hearing aids to the proper settings for each wearer. REM is a hearing aid fitting and verification procedure that ensures your hearing aids are set to meet your specific needs. We just place small microphones in the ear canal with the use of this technology, which is utilized to discern changes in how you can hear speech through your hearing aids.

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