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Seeking Spinning Roof Vents

All the Skyaxis roof vents we supply have a high-quality construction that uses a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy. This makes the ventilator lightweight to ensure maximum spinning efficiency even in light wind conditions. Skyaxis ventilators also feature self-lubricating stainless-steel axial bearings for long-lasting performance. Not only that, we have a wide range of sizes and types available to suit the specific requirements of your building, plus the ventilator can be powder coated to match your roof’s colour. Skyaxis ventilators work by allowing hot, stale and damp air to be drawn up and out of the building. The removal of this air creates a convection current which draws fresh air back into the building through other openings. Skyaxis ventilators begin to spin due to the heat in a building rising and also the wind running directly past the ventilator on the roof. For More Info:- https://roofquip.co.nz/skyaxis....-wind-driven-ventila