Disinfectant wipes

A good industrial cleaning and disinfectant wipes company will also provide a host of other services including bulked liquid treatment and disposal, drummed and packaged waste disposal, industrial cleaning and high pressure jetting, contaminated soil disposal and remediation, laboratory chemical disposal and incineration services. We are a NZ owned company using exclusively NZ made products. With award-winning services, CPG’s consultancy team are able to hone in on exactly what our clients need and design bespoke Clear Protect Programs to suit. In 2020 we expanded the team at an executive management level. As a direct result of this, we found we were able to offer a better service, with a unified and motivated team, to a broader range of customers. We look optimistically to the future and continue to look for better processes, products and services to provide the best service possible.

All companies that produce industrial or hazardous waste need to follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that the waste they produce is disposed of correctly using antimicrobial products. Quite simply, antimicrobial protection is the control of harmful pathogens (or ‘germs’) in facilities. This includes the spread of germs within facilities, and between people and staff. A Clear Protect program can be thought of as an invisible shield providing an extra layer of protection for your organisation. We create comprehensive programs encompassing both preventative and reactive responses. Our capabilities for dealing with any actual or possible Covid-19 cases within your workspace are second to none. We offer a range of specialised products that have been tested and proven in killing Covid-19, and our team can be dispatched at a moments notice, 24 hours a day.

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