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It consists of a microphone, an amplifier, various filters, a device, an exponential average and a calibrated reading in decibels (d. Sound level meters are classified according to their accuracy; Type 0 is the most accurate and type 3 is the least accurate. A type 0 meter is used in laboratories, while a type 1 meter is used for other precision sound level measurements.Type 2 is the utility knife and type 3 is the lifting knife, which is not recommended for industrial use. The "slow" response has a time constant of 1 second, while the "fast" response has a time constant of 0.125 seconds. The "impulse" response has a response of 35 ms for the increasing signal component and a time constant of 1500 ms for the decay of the signal. The results are graphically displayed on the screen of the measuring device.Recently, sound level meters have become smaller and smaller, portable devices that can be easily connected to a variety of software and through a variety of communication options by Noise testing NZ. Fpr More Info:-