Welding Testing NZ

The United Association of Plumbers and PipeFitters (UA) identifies their standard pipe welding testing NZ with the letters UA, a hyphen, and a number. Like UA1, UA2 etc.A list up to UA92 is available. That doesn't mean only 92 tests were done. There are a lot more options, but the Union of PipeFitters (UA) had to go to number 92 to identify the most common pipe tests. Example of how many options there are for pipe welding certification exams. With 4 different welding processes for pipe welding (metal shielding gas / GMAW, flux arc / FCAW, shielded metal arc / SMAW and gas tungsten arc / GTAW) and different metal groups to be welded (e.g. carbon steel, stainless steel, and even aluminum), it is no wonder that so many different pipe welding certification exams are required to certify welders for the scope of work at a facility or workplace. For More Info:- https://www.verumgroup.co.nz/what-we-do/monitoring