What are the Different Types of Automatic Door Options available in the Market?

Various range of the automatic doors available in the market for the decoration of the commercial places.


There is a wide range of automatic doors available in the market that you can choose for your building. This choice depends on the size of your building or how much space for entrance you have.

• Swinging Doors

The Swinging doors can be used open or out in a traditional hinge. They are highly efficient as they won’t let heat or cool air escape from the building. In addition to this, you can also add security features such as security sensors which will help in enhancing the privacy of your place. There are many companies that are doing automatic doors installation in London.

• Sliding Doors

These automatic sliding doors are used in hotels, office, and commercial spaces. They are basically two side-by-side doors and they open in opposite direction. This way it allows multiple people to pass through easily. One door is used for entry purpose and other is used to exit from the building.

• Folding Doors

If you have a space-related issue then it is one of the best options. It creates a large entry point for the room. Automatic Folding doors can be installed with a single fold or multiple bi-fold doors.

• Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors can be used either automatically or manual doors. They are used where traffic is very high and it provides entry and exit point. The automatic revolving doors are made of glass.