Madden 20 Most Feared: How to Get Bats in Ultimate Team

How to get Bats in Madden 20 Most Feared

With the release of the new Madden 20 Most Fear, a new currency emerged. Since the latest ultimate team plan includes a "terrible" Halloween theme behind it, the new in-game currency is naturally called "bat." They are similar to trophies or training because they will be part of the final team screen for the currency displayed at the top. So let's take a look at how to get the Most Feared Bats and the use of them in the Madden 20 Ultimate Team.

How to get Bats in Madden 20 Most Feared?

One way to win a bat in Madden 20 Most Feared is to play a specific challenge. Go to the ultimate team and select "Most Scared" on the "Tasks" screen. On the next screen, you can choose to challenge the cauldron or pun zone challenges. You need to choose Pun Zone because you can place bats here. Unable to use in the cauldron challenge.

There are ten different pun zone challenges to choose from:

  • Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun
  • Your Mummy
  • Holy Heck
  • Just Plain Batty
  • Silly Hollow
  • Funny Bone
  • Have You Howling
  • Hex-Larious
  • Defensive Demon-Stration
  • Have a Fang-Tastic Holiday

Each of these challenges allows you to play from one star (easy) to Samsung (difficult). Also, there are two bonus targets, each worth one star. So technically, you can win up to five stars for each challenge. The more stars, the more rewards, which means bats!

You can earn up to 50 bats per challenge, so it is 500 bats. However, earning them at 50 stars will reward you with 600 bats. So that’s quite a lot of free Bats to rack up there. By the way, there are other rewards for completing the Pun Zone challenge, including a free Team Captain upgrade token after 10 Stars.

The pun zone is just one way to get a bat, and some Most Feared items are also sold there. On some player or other items, keep an eye on the Quicksell spot at the bottom of the card to see if it is possible to sell bats. This is another way to accumulate money for use in stores.

What do you use Bats for in Ultimate Team?

In the Madden 20 Ultimate Team Store, they have many different items for players to spend on bats. Go to the store and scroll to the top option that is most popular. This will open a screen with all the different items in the promotion that you can purchase.

Most of the items you initially see are only available for Madden Coins or Points. For example, there is a 24X Most Feared Bundle that is going for 12,000 Points ($12). There are other options, such as the Most Feared Pack of 20,000 Madden coins (500 points) and other items such as uniforms. However, scroll to the right of the available items, and the "Bat" option will be displayed.

Now, the cost of these items is as low as 95 bats, or as high as 47,250 bats. The following is a list of all available content (as of 10/20 Sunday):

  • (47,250 Bats) 92 OVR Most Feared Bundle 
  • (8,830 Bats) 85-88 OVR Most Feared Player 
  • (1,050 Bats) Material Fantasy Pack 
  • (95 Bats) Skill Material

These materials are especially useful for the players we mentioned in the report about "Madden 20 Most Feared Mode is Coming" These include Scary Strong Players, Scary Fast Players, Scary Sharp Players, and Cauldron Masters Players. So once you have a bat, you can start trying to get more material, or just buy a player bag to build your ultimate team roster.

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