These are the best OP blitzes in Madden 20

Blitzing is a high-risk strategy, but the rewards can be enormous if you have the right one.

Blitzing is a high-risk strategy, but the rewards can be enormous if you have the right one.

Some defensive coordinators love to send extra bodies and try to make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Just like everything in football, blitzing is balancing risk and reward. If you follow your opponent every time, they will know the ins and outs of the game and beat the opponent, but if you don't blitz at all, they may slowly develop and play a role.

That is to say, unless you have the ideal blitz. There are hundreds of different blitzkrieg in Madden 20, but they fall into two main categories: man blitz and zone blitz. These determine the type of coverage behind the blitz, and you should tailor it to what your secondary is best at.

This article focuses on how to build an unbeatable defense through these OP blitzes.

3-4 Odd/Under – Pinch Buck 0


This necessary formation blitz does a great job of getting a free rusher through into the quarterback. It slams the defensive line and the guard into the middle, which will cause the ILB to be ready to go or to shorten the corners when the outside line is assaulted. This is great for fighting action, thieves, and any quarterback who likes to break out from internal pressure.

If you make sure to control whoever has man coverage on the running back, then you can bring an extra body if your opponent keeps the RB in to block.

Even if it comes from a base formation, it can be used against shotgun-heavy offenses, especially when you modify the lineup and put some personnel cover specialists in a safe place.

There are some adjustments to this play; you can keep your opponents on the back. A good way to do this is to make sure you keep your base consistent on a regular basis and bring in another internal supporter when you use an external supporter to take over his old-age insurance.

4-3 Over – Will Blitz 3

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If you have a strong set of linebackers that can do everything, then 4-3 Over is a good choice. It's hard to disguise blitzes with the 4-front, but you can get more predictable pressure. These five people's blitz requires some adjustments to ensure rapid pressure.

First, make sure to align basically and then set it to QB contain. Then set your central defender to a blitz, move it up a few steps, then control him and exit the intermediate area. This provides nice quick pressure while the cover three shells over the top protect from any deep passes should the quarterback elude you.

3-4 Odd – Pinch Dog 2


This time it was a cover 2 area blitz, but once again exceeded 3-4 odd look. You need to make some pre-adjustments for this, but once it's determined, it gives you a good foundation.

First, unfold your D-Line and tilt it to the outside. Then align and set the base to QB contain. Now, take a middle linebacker into a gap and make sure to hold it there for a second after the ball is smashed, then fall back to cover the middle of the field.

With this blitz, you are a little weak against trips and will need to make a few zone adjustments, but it works very well against balanced offensive formations and especially outside runs, and plays action.

to get consistent and reliable pressure. All of them can be tinkered with to optimize for situations or run as-is. The key is to know your defensive adjustment controls so that you can quickly place the switches you need.

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