We simply would not have managed to accommodate

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In a meeting with match director Ion Hazzikostas, which classic wow gold will appear in full on the website early next week, I got a partial response on when to expect stage 2: This year.

"I think that it's an issue of after this season, I think we can say," Hazzikostas advised me. "During this period? It's going to depend on several factors. "One of the greatest hurdles to stage two's launch is"layering," the brand new system that helped WoW Classic survive the storm of gamers that rushed the servers on day one. With a given server could manage many times the number of players by breaking them in to different copies of the exact same world, spreading the population so everybody was not in precisely the area at precisely the exact same moment.

"Without layering, we simply would not have managed to accommodate anywhere close to the amount of players we have on our own servers," Hazzikostas explained. "And with a number of the natural attrition that we've seen, we would've had a range of servers right now that are underpopulated. Instead we'd servers that were, because of layering, efficiently hugely overpopulated even with login queues, during the first couple of weeks, which have now stabilized at large, healthy populations that could endure for the years and years ahead."

But layering was not likely to be permanent to buy wow classic gold. Hazzikostas explains that one of those features is planet bosses like Kazzak and Azuregos. These bosses' purpose is that there should be just one version of these up at a moment. Layering would make it simpler to repeatedly farm these enemies to get loot. "When Kazzak is upward, we just need one Kazzak," Hazzikostas said. "That is kind of a fundamental dynamic of how that needs to perform in the outside world."