Things to Know about Flower Etiquette at Workplace

Things to Know about Flower Etiquette at Workplace


Most of us go to offices and share a professional, platonic and personal bond with our co-workers. Giving flowers to your business associates is an appropriate gesture in occasions where gifts are exchanged. Moreover, accessing a florist has become very easy now, thanks to online flower delivery in Bangalore, Delhi and other major cities of India.

Usually, the people at your workplace will come together and pitch in for buying the boss or an employee gifts whenever there is a special occasion like retirement, birthday, anniversary, promotion, and so on.  Flowers make for a brilliant token of warm wishes and are also apt for offering sympathy and condolences to a grieving employee.

However, there is always a boundary for sending flowers to your boss, partners or co-workers as business gifts. This fine line has to be maintained and respected. You have to be cautious and careful while picking flowers for an employee. You need to keep the business flower etiquette in mind when you want to buy flowers for your co-worker. To know more, keep reading.

Buying Flowers for the Boss

On your boss’ anniversary or birthday, it is always recommended to buy flowers as a gift from the entire team. In case you have a personal bond with her/her, no need to make it public as it can affect your performance and make you look needy for attention. Also, stay away from red roses!

Buying Flowers for Your Team Members

Flowers have become a standard gift sent by the companies to their employees on anniversaries, birthdays and business achievements. If you want to send flowers to your co-worker for appreciating their efforts, you can add in a fruit basket or dry fruits’ box too. To boost the morale of the recipient, a personalized note from the VP or CEO can do wonders.

While ordering flowers online or picking them from a store, don’t by a bouquet of red roses for your employee. It might spark controversies, so, instead of red roses, go for tulips, daisies, orchids or yellow roses. Some people might be allergic to pollens or the fragrance of flowers. So, it is best to send them minimally-scented flowers or succulents.

Buying Flowers for a Client

Business partnerships are delicate affairs where you need to be extra careful. On occasions like a business expansion, your business proposal getting accepted, or a personal achievement, you can send them flowers to congratulate them. If you want more variety, you order flowers online as well. However, don’t go overboard with your flower selection and stick to the basic orchids or daisies along with a box of sweets or dry fruits. To play it safe, you can even go for a potted plant that would not convey a specific emotion or meaning.

Buying Flowers for Sympathy

Be it a co-worker or a senior associate, you should always stand with them at the time of grief. Make sure to attend the funeral services for extending support. In case you cannot be present at the service, make sure to send in some flowers for conveying your condolences and sympathy. However, before doing so, make sure to get in touch with the family as some families accept contribution for charity instead of flowers.

Flowers for Wishing Recovery

We have all been there- sulking in pain and sickness and craving for all the attention in the world. Make your sick or injured employee smile by sending them flowers. They would love to receive a token of warm wishes for speedy recovery. If you are out of country and you want to send flowers to India, you can use various online flower delivery services. If you have a completely professional relationship with your employee, it is better to give them flowers as a collective gift from all the workers.  In case you and your colleague have a platonic relation, go for flowers that have no romantic connotations.

These are some tips to follow for maintaining the flower etiquette at your workplace and keeping things professional and healthy. Online portals like Bloomsvilla make things a lot easier as they not only have a huge range of flowers to choose from but you can also use their services for getting flowers delivered to people living in a different region. They also have categories of flowers for classifying them in a clutter-free and easy-to-access manner.