Folks do it in other games as well

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People have been buying leeches. Folks do it in other games as well. If someone else can log into your account to perform something, there's somebody who will cover RuneScape gold. Don't let that reality ruin your sense of success. When it does you shouldn't be playing.Just because things were like it back in the daytime or at other games it does not mean we should allow people to do it, or make it easy. It is not hard to ban someone that does that stuff on flow, which essentially promotes the practice. When you get it done, it might be difficult to catch you, but a few will be deterred by at least the chance of having your thousands of hours acc banned.

"If your sense of achievement is destroyed by it you should stop runescape" What kind of gatekeeping is that? Gtfo lol. Attempt to have a discussion without telling people to stop if they do not agree with you.The only 1 gatekeeping is you saying no accomplishment is worth anything anymore. RS is still a match at the end of the day, even if someone receives a sense of achievement grinding something out that somebody else purchased that's fine.

Runescape was a game made in the ideal time. Neither the original devs or the current devs are some good. The reason RS is powerful is when MMOs were widely popular as a Free to Play, Browser based option that conducted on anything because it published. Can we say anything about Runescape is amazing? I can not think or I was excited to play. People love Slayer, but are we actually going to pretend that a skill which is just a glorified kill 10 x monsters quest from any other MMO is a good feature?

I frankly think you will find some fantastic core features buried to buy OSRS gold under a whole lot of crap. For example:At times quality quests. Slayer absolutely is much like kill quests at other MMOs, but a few of the quests in RS are pretty story-rich should you take care of that type of thing. Yeah some spacebar through but that can't be assisted. Also although it isn't a part of all quests Runescape also includes a trend of comedy and humor in quests vs always being super-serious-save-the-universe-RPG (though that terrible habit also shows up with the God/Elder God stuff).