Being able to Mut 20 coins edit everyone's

Being able to Mut 20 coins edit everyone's


Being able to Mut 20 coins edit everyone's X-Factor skills (should they bring them back). Having the capability to earn contract expansion offers instead of waiting until their last year. Better trade logic. Being able to toggle retired numbers, because a guy wearing 22 for the Cowboys is wrong. More classic uniform choices. Being able to demand your launch as a mentor and sign everywhere (like you may as a player).

I truly miss having the ability to make contract expansion supplies before their final season, same with being able to front back or load load the contracts. It actually helps with cap space.

Create-a-play. It used to exist in previous Maddens. They can make it not function in MUT to keep from making cheese plays there. They can make it optional in online games or online franchises for the same reason. But if I am playing single player, let me create my own configurations and my own plays. I have certain route theories that I like to run if I have a mobile QB, but it could be tedious to set up.

More control over leveling stats, especially when playing a player. I believe the way you level stats in Madden 19 and cheap Madden nfl 20 coins is fine to get a trainer who wants to immediately boost all his players, but it stinks if you wish to perform as a fast QB or RB and you rarely ever increase your speed score.