It just didn't work for OSRS gold

It just didn't work for OSRS gold


The interface system. It just didn't work for OSRS gold me anymore once we went to full screen while I liked the old interface back when it had been fixed display sized. Being make to make my own interfaces and customise them to the job I am doing is the best aspect of runescape to me.Prifddinas. Think about all the stuff that came with it and how much it altered runescape. We did not even have the Max Guild or mix potions before it. Plus it added new skilling methods that are still some of the greatest today.

From the lore and pursuit facet of things I'd have to state RotM. The ritual for us to be there was amazing and has been hinted at for a long time and also to eventually have it happen. The bets have been different back then and even approaching a Mahjarrat in conflict was an departure without trickery or help. Now apparently we can fight gods and are important enough to make deals with senior gods. RotM hit on just the right power level a protagonist should be.

This! The reason people do not like because it had a crap launch EoC IMO is, and folks can't be bothered to learn how to use it. It's standing was completely destroyed due to both of these factors independently. I played legacy combat for Buy Rs gold so long, finally decided to try out EoC since I was going for the combat cape and was training for it at the Abyss.