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Beginning take my coral love and affection my dear pals...

how are you dear bro /sister..??? hoping that
all are fine and busy with practice or doing something whatever you like the best. I am also fine by the blessings of my beloved god. I am very greatful to my lord to engage in my dailies with once again . Anyway leave it📌📌

I have a grear experience the weakness of mind and wanna share with you💖 Yes fans .. there are saying mind is the all source of power in our body to do anything. When mind remain in our positive site then it seems to us "everything is okay". when mind goes our opposite site It seems to us We can do nothing . Here is the difference between mind and body . If mind become uncontrolled we see darkness on our eyes, No hopes, no one in my site. On the contary , when mind turn into ours inspite of being many difficulties/ problems we feel I have no problem and everything is going on well with harmony. actually I want to mean you friends when we attackted from serious diseases mind become very weak with bodily conditions . That's why Ours conditions goes to serious day by day. in fact I have a nice experience that the time of my illness I never lose my energy from my heart ..

👉👉Here is my question is to you fiends when you fall in great diseases How do you feel then...???


Expression of eyes can be read by everyone..
But depression of heart can be read by best one.
Care for everyone
Don't lose the best one
Write a word about your best one.
Good afternoon.


Hello all. Hope all of you are fine.

All things considered that this is my first post on this delightful Group.

well, I figure that its an extraordinary stage to speak with all awesome individuals here...and I additionally need to share with you everything what I know.

I was pondering what should be my first post here.presenting myself would be the best one i guess.

I am Anik Das from Dinajpur,Bangladesh.Banglades­­h is a small country with a huge population, though it is one of the most beautiful country in Asia.
Hmmm now let me tell about myself:

I am 24 years of age and live with my parents..I am an understudy of distinctions 4th year in economics.It is the most exhausting subject that i ever had seen.Its so hard to just pass in the examination.....but my dad says, "nothing is hard if you don't give it an appropriate try"....and believe it..Well I will attempt my best.Please pray for me.

No,on that picture that isn't me.I just Doodle it.Doodling is my hobby.Everyone have Hobbies.I figure that its useful for everyone to having Hobbies.If its not of my regular activities but rather amid my relaxation time and I delighted in it so much.Doodling is likewise causes me to draw something new for my graphic design.Yap I am additionally a visual creator and began dealing with my different abilities, I know information mining,email marketing and i am also a trader 😎.
Now I cannot discover anything to tell about myself and furthermore I am nervous.Because it is the first post in my life to telling about myself.

Much thanks to you for being with me And sorry if I make you feel pain with this unusual post.oh and also sorry for my poor English......take cake.c ya in my next post
And don't forget to follow me.Also you can give me a love react 😋 on my post to motivate me.


Hi everyone.Wish you a very cold and rainy evening.
How are you.?What are you doing now.? Hmm I am optimistic that you all are well and passing a very beautiful time with your activities.
Hey Already you have seen that picture below of my post..Hey all acher lovers where are you.?? What is your reaction.??hmm 😋😋😋 i can't control my allurement. Already my tongue is coming out of water.Do you want to taste it.??If you want then don’t delay. Immediately go to kitchen and make it quickly.Do you know how to make it.??If you don’t know no problem search the Google or YouTube . And if you make obviously never forget to invite me.Mind it. Don't think i am glutton Ok..☺☺


I hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah I'm also well by the grace of almighty Allah.. Long time no see.. Actually I'm very lazy that's why I can't spend much time on this lovely group..
If everything is going well I wanna make a video.. Please pray for me so that I can make a video without fear..
Note. Pic for attention. 💚